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identity / web / ecommerce


The client had a fully formed idea for the logo. I presented her concept in a digital format and we tried various fonts until we reached the right fit.
Web & ecommerce
My client needed support from the start with all things web. She required an online shop that long term, she could maintain herself. I researched the cost and feature options for EKM, Wix and Shopify and presented each so she could make an informed decision. After considering each she felt Shopify was the best fit. I went ahead and:
  • Created a Shopify account
  • Entered all required clients details
  • Reviewed all template layouts available
  • Selected the best option for her needs
  • Revised layouts as required
  • Created required product categories
  • Pepared and uploaded all images
  • Added products - title, image, description, prices, stock, options
  • Sourced content from product suppliers
  • Entered banking details required for taking payments
  • Entered all postage option requirements
  • Created a holding page whilst site build in progress
  • Put site into test mode to check payment process
  • Removed test status and made a 'real' purchase
  • Put site live
  • General mainteance as required
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