The BIG Jobsite

identity / web / app / email

2020 - present


I started with logo concepts using pencil and paper. This allowed me to work quickly, brain dump all thoughts, get immediate feedback from directors and discard ideas that 'had no legs'. The gorilla idea went to screen as was felt to be the best fit. I discovered through numerous rounds of iterations that the smallest changes to the facial features resulted in whole persona changes to the gorilla. Final vector artwork was created in Illustrator.


The BIG Jobsite is the international arm of the (ATTB) job website. Although the site follows the same layout as ATTB, I was briefed that this side of the site needed to be presented with a completely different visual identity.

The site has been through stages of redevelopment (Mar - July 2022). The first stage included improvements to the header, navigation, search area, footer and the addition of a new 'Countries We Operate In' page. The second stage includes an overhaul of the main results page including, overall layout improvements, filter area, job card styling and dynamic job seeker tools and services area.

The process involved listening to requirements from the sales and marketing departments, taking on board back end dev considerations and defining what could be achieved in the required timeframe. I created wireframes to trial different approaches to problems and developed prototypes in Adobe XD to demonstrate proposed changes to stakeholders.
The BIG Jobsite logo and website design
The BIG Jobsite email and app design

Email job alerts are part of The BIG Jobsite experience. Users register to receive lists of new jobs by email. I discussed the registration pocess with the develpment team and drew up a flow diagram detailing what emails were needed along with the user actions that trigger each one. There was a set of working email templates in use which I was asked to use as a base. I made html improvements where I could and added styling to match the brand. I wrote headings and main content along with ensuring all legal requirements were covered - unsubscribe links, company registration number, address and clear methods of contacting the company.


This was a 'copy & rebrand' exercise to an existing app producing results the business was happy with. I created mockups to show stakeholders the templates with The BIG Jobsite branding. Once signed off I created all graphical assets for the developer along with copies of necessary font files and colour references.