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2015 - present


One of my first jobs for was to redesign the logo. The brief was simply 'do not include a banana' ...and I was left to my own creative devices. I presented a range of initial sketched ideas to the company stakeholders, the merits of each were discussed at length and a shortlist created.

The final design includes a moniker of the company initials, with a gentle nod towards a 'banana' on the curve of the lower case b. The moniker can, and has been, used as stand alone icon. I created the master artwork as a vector file in Illustrator.

Web is a job aggregator, taking job listings from across the internet to make it easy for job seekers to find vacancies.

Site statistics showed approximately 67% of users visit the site on a mobile device. With this in mind the design needed to be responsive and adapt to all screen sizes. Research also showed that the majority of users land directly on a page of job results when they enter the site. The traditional thinking of home as a main entry point for users was reconsidered. It became clear as planning continued that the homepage played a major role as a sales tool with potential customers and partners being directed there.

Links to company social media accounts were included as connecting via these platforms is essential to he business. I also designed, and wrote copy for, the job alert registration page encouraging users to sign up for email notifications. This useful feature for job seekers is also an extra revenue stream for the business.

In Jan 2022 I was tasked with redesigning the job results page. The overhaul to this one, but arguably most important, page is currently still in progress (May 2022). The process of redesigning the results pages has so far resulted in me:

  • Discussing the various results page scenarios (depending on user job search criteria) with the Tech Team Director
  • Confirming the user scenarios and possible routes of reaching the results page
  • Confirming requirements from the Sales Team Director regarding partner expectations
  • Confirming requirements from the Marketing department
  • Wireframes for both small and wide screeen
  • Prototypes using Adobe XD
  • Presenting to company stakeholders
  • Liaising with front end dev and the tech team to ensure designs meet with all requirements and that features and functionality can be implemented
  • Sign off of prototypes
  • Planning the implementation of new layout into 3 x 2 week sprints

Updates to the result pages are due to go live June 2022. logo and website app screen designs print work examples including brochure and exhibition board

I was asked to design a basic app that allows job seekes to quickly and easily find jobs.

The developer had a template that I was briefed on. Business requirements were such that the app included a simple search page, list of results, history page (previous search criteia) and no other functionality.

I then created app designs for three other job search products by using the same template and simply exchanging the logo, fonts and brand colours. This kept all projects within a tight timeframe and budget.


When ATTB attends exhibitions printed materials are required.

I organise meetings with the Head of Sales to confirm what is required, content that needs writing, quantities and deadlines.

This supportive role involves communicating clearly not only with the Sales team but also with suppliers. As different companies provide different products I will often have multiple orders being processed at the same time. I a more than happy to liaise with suppliers, whether local and in person, or communicating via phone and/or email.


The company director wanted marketing material for prospective partners. He was very clear that he did not want traditional print or a website solution so we discussed the option of online brochures/booklets.

After I researched a number of products and presented my findings, Flipsnack was decided upon as within budget, have templates to utilise if need be and includes upgrade options, that although not needed immediately, could be useful in the future.

The ebrochures gave fast results with easy to email links to 'flip-able' booklets. Feedback was positive from the start from both stakeholders and partners. Once I had shown the marketing team how to use the account they were able to change content without contacting a designer. This in turn streamlined the update process for the business and took pressure off the design team.

Below are links to a sample of brochures I have designed and written content for:


In order to encourage engagement with products via social I help create graphics for the social team as and when required. I ensure graphics include the company logo and that general font and colour guidelines are followe to create cohesion in posts.

I have also inlcuded social meta tags to all web pages ready for the social posts and created blogs to ensure fresh, helpful and engaging content is being produced.

Below are links to a sample of blogs I have written:

Although the blog author on the pages linked to above reads 'Tom' I can confirm hand on heart they were written by myself...there is a story behind it that's a bit long for this, already lengthy, web page ;) Job Data Reports front covers Examples of social media post graphics for